Diagnostic and Remote Monitoring Technologies (DRMT)

We design, manufacture and market a broad range of advanced sensors, instruments, remote monitoring equipment, robotics and accompanying software to asset owners and service companies covering diverse industries.

Technology as a Service (TaaS)

Using proprietary and scalable technology, we provide services for highly specialized use cases that require controlling all parameters of the inspection process, from the calibration of sensing, to the delivery mechanism, to back-end analytics.

A Driving Force

Previan makes a safe and sustainable future possible, by pushing the limits of diagnostic technologies that preserve the integrity of our world’s infrastructure and critical assets.
Fast Growing Through Innovation

Headquartered in Québec, Canada, Previan is a fast-growing, innovative, and private industrial technology group focused on leveraging advanced diagnostic technologies to enhance the monitoring of our world’s infrastructure health. Previan believes in the value of concentrating on client needs throughout the entire length of the industry value chain — from fault detection and data analysis, all the way to advanced diagnosis and actionable insights — in order to ensure the greatest possible visibility and confidence when it comes to fully informed decision-making in the shared interests of business, people and the environment. Previan is in the business, so to speak, of healthcare diagnostics for the industrial world.


Key Facts

The company caters to asset owners, large engineering firms, and service companies globally in markets such as Aerospace, Civil Infrastructure, Energy, Mining, Power Generation, and Rail. Previan believes that advancing science and technology via sensors, hardware, robotics, software and specialized services makes the world safer for people, business and nature. The company employs over 1,700 people throughout 35 offices worldwide, and serves clients in more than 110 countries.

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Corporate Structure

Building on a core foundation of ground-breaking Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technologies, Previan has expanded into a much broader range of cutting-edge inspection and monitoring technologies, as well as advanced data analytics software and services. Today, Previan is composed of several business units operating as autonomous platforms, while sharing a common purpose and DNA.

Efficiency, Sustainability, Value.

Making Smart, Secure and Responsible Growth Possible.

Purposeful Niche Industrial Tech Company
We ensure value creation for our customers by maintaining a curated portfolio driven by deep market understanding, while investing strategically in the best data diagnostics & analytic insights technologies.
Operating Model Structured for Growth
We create the conditions for each of our platforms to lead and succeed in their markets by ensuring maximum autonomy while accelerating growth & scale, and driving technology transference.
Superior Value Creation & Sustainable Outcomes
We consistently deliver strong business growth and financial performance, while generating a positive impact and sustainable customer, community and environmental outcomes.

Corporate Information

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    Making a Sustainable Future Possible.

    Pioneers in critical infrastructure diagnostics and intelligence.

    We believe it’s our collective responsibility to protect what we have built — and leave a positive legacy, for generations to come.