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Our industry is growing rapidly. The world’s aging infrastructure requires high levels of maintenance and repair, together with more frequent, extensive and ongoing testing. Meanwhile, technological development continues apace, which has industries shifting towards more tech-enabled monitoring and diagnostic solutions. With the emergence of remote monitoring/IoT solutions and the broader applicability of advanced data analytics, opportunities for growth and innovation abound.

Enhanced capabilities to access and integrate more data from various sources – coupled with advancements in predictive modeling, machine learning and AI – are all driving ever-more comprehensive predictive analytics solutions for decision-making. Breakthrough solutions in mission-critical industries where data collection and management is a constant focus, such as the pipeline industry, are just around the corner.

Clearly, the industries we serve face ever-tightening environmental standards, along with increasingly strict government regulations and safety requirements – with some bodies already requiring continuous asset monitoring and data analysis. Compliance failures can have significant financial and reputational consequences, including increased scrutiny. That’s why demand is mounting for ultra-reliable asset integrity providers with hi-tech diagnostic tools and services, and a track record of innovation. Previan senses the need.

Fortunately, in substituting for manual or traditional measurement techniques, advanced tech-anabled solutions such as remote monitoring and predictive risk analytics drive significant cost optimizations. And while the expense of preventative monitoring and diagnostics pales next to the potential financial impact caused by downtime or repairs, it should go without saying, they are trivial in comparison to the real and reputational costs associated with an industrial disaster – which could be deadly and long-term catastrophic for our natural environment.

Strong Focus, Clear Purpose.

Unique Approach

As an industrial technology group, Previan maintains a disciplined business model aimed at reaffirming its leadership position within the infrastructure and critical assets diagnostic technologies space, and driving value creation for its investors and stakeholders.

Our business model is anchored on three pillars.

Purposeful Niche Industrial Tech Company
  • We are a thematic investor that focuses on what we know best. As such, we maintain a curated portfolio businesses around infrastructure and critical assets, where we can drive value creation by bringing an intimate knowledge of the relevant market and technologies.
  • We maintain technological leadership within our niche market, by investing heavily into the right technologies within the full value chain from sensors, to robots, to software.
  • We aim to create value for our customers by delivering the best data, combined with advanced analytical solutions. We believe that a core aspect of advanced diagnostic tools is to improve the quality of the data because the best data delivers the best insights.

Operating Model Structured for Growth
  • We maintain a flexible operating model based on providing the maximum amount of autonomy for our platforms to succeed within their niche market while providing corporate leadership on planning, governance, and core support services.
  • We aim to build a strong platform at scale within each of our market segment, sometimes combining multiple businesses with promising technologies within a segment. As such, we maintain a strategy of acquisition focused on creating new platforms, as well as bolt-on acquisitions to develop and scale up existing platforms.
  • We support our platforms to drive value creation within our portfolio by focusing on several critical value drivers:
    • Driving Technology Transfer within the Group
    • Providing Scale Up Support to Build Leading Platforms
    • Create Strategic Focus and Alignment Around our Purpose and Positioning
    • Accelerating International Expansion in Key Markets
    • Ensuring Excellence in Key Business Processes for Value Creation

Superior Value Creation & Sustainable Outcomes
  • We believe that our business model has established a strong track record of accelerated growth, in terms of both organic and total growth for the group and our platforms.
  • We aim to deliver best-in-class financial performance for a leading industrial technology group, as measured in terms of profitability, resilience to business cycles and cash flows.
  • Beyond financial performance, we create positive impact and sustainable outcomes for our customers and our community, with ESG-friendly solutions that save lives and protect the environment.

Previan Business Model

Previan Business Model