Our Impact

Advancing Sustainability.

At Previan, we believe that our advanced sensing solutions will help unlock a safer tomorrow for the world and its people.

From the outset, sustainability and safeguarding the future has been the driving force in our journey to becoming a leader in advanced diagnostic technologies.

Just as the world and its ecosystems are complex and constantly evolving, so must our response be to protecting them. We have reached a crossroads, where we must ensure the productivity and integrity of assets while making provisions for greener alternatives. Deeply coded within our corporate DNA is the strong sense of responsibility we have toward people and nature. Through our technologies, we believe we can do more to protect society and the world we live in.

Giving Back to Communities.

Companies have a primary stake in improving their ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) performance and contributing to a cleaner world, by avoiding pipeline leaks and spills, minimizing water loss, and enabling safe and effective nuclear operations. Asset failures can be detrimental to life and the environment, resulting in a significant liability and reputational impact. Meanwhile, enhanced public awareness and shareholder expectations around environmental sustainability are further increasing the demand for infrastructure health applications. To reach their ESG goals, companies need technology-based solutions that optimize asset performance, identify potential issues, and help avoid catastrophic loss. That’s where Previan comes in.

Our businesses’ customers span a variety of industries worldwide, including energy, transportation, and civil infrastructure, where integrity is mission critical. By ensuring that the right processes, procedures and tools are in place to enable infrastructure and critical assets to function safely, effectively and efficiently at every stage of their lifecycle, Previan is helping preserve not only overall health and safety, but also compliance with vital environmental regulations.

Previan’s One Per Cent Pledge

Ours is a business of the future. Defending the integrity of critical infrastructure is the only viable way forward to a cleaner, safer environment. We are committed to achieving our goals, so that our customers can meet and exceed their own safety and regulatory requirements and achieve their ESG priorities. That’s why we have pledged to contribute 1% of net profits each year, back to the communities where we operate, and that we serve. Because we want to help ensure that local and global economies can thrive in harmony with nature, for generations to come. It’s the right thing to do.

Pledge 1% of EQUITY
Pledge 1% of TIME
Pledge 1% of PROFIT