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Dedicated Customer Teams & Agile Services

Our worldwide presence ensures the timeliness, cost efficiency compliance adherence required to ensure your production timelines are met.
Cutting-Edge Technology, Burgeoning Demand

Leadership Ahead of The Curve

Owners, operators and stakeholders around the globe must comply with asset integrity standards. As our critical infrastructure ages, environmental considerations escalate and regulations intensify, the demand for effective, cost-efficient hi-tech solutions is unprecedented, and urgent.

Previan is responding to the call. Today, through strategic acquisition and development, we have successfully carved out market and technology leadership positions across our industry. Our solutions serve customers in over 110 countries through a global footprint of dozens of office locations worldwide. And our growth is not slowing. We are building a comprehensive suite of solutions that address a broad range of infrastructure and critical assets – from sensing to data acquisition and analytics – to ensure relevance, as well to reach into new markets such as water and rail. Leveraging our recent acquisitions, we have added diversification, scale and capabilities to our business in key areas.

New sensing technologies

Magnetic flux leakage inspection; alternating current field measurement; long-range guided wave, phased array and total focusing method ultrasonic testing; wireless geotechnical sensors; 3D vision systems; new robotics and remote monitoring delivery methods

Technology as a service (TaaS)

Acoustic resonance and other cutting-edge ultrasonic in-line inspection services for energy infrastructure, and even water systems; new data analytics and technology-enabled integrity management capabilities

Opportunity Far into the Future

Our industry is growing rapidly. The world’s aging infrastructure requires high levels of maintenance and repair, together with more frequent, extensive and ongoing testing. Meanwhile, technological development continues apace, which has industries shifting towards more tech-enabled monitoring and diagnostic solutions. With the emergence of remote monitoring/iot solutions and the broader applicability of advanced data analytics, opportunities for growth and innovation abound.

Enhanced capabilities to access and integrate more data from various sources – coupled with advancements in predictive modeling, machine learning and AI – are all driving ever-more comprehensive predictive analytics solutions for decision-making. Breakthrough solutions in mission-critical industries where data collection and management is a constant focus, such as the pipeline industry, are just around the corner.

Clearly, the industries we serve face ever-tightening environmental standards, along with increasingly strict government regulations and safety requirements – with some bodies already requiring continuous asset monitoring and data analysis. Compliance failures can have significant financial and reputational consequences, including increased scrutiny. That’s why demand is mounting for ultra-reliable asset integrity providers with hi-tech diagnostic tools and services, and a track record of innovation. Previan senses the need.

Fortunately, in substituting for manual or traditional measurement techniques, advanced tech-anabled solutions such as remote monitoring and predictive risk analytics drive significant cost optimizations. And while the expense of preventative monitoring and diagnostics pales next to the potential financial impact caused by downtime or repairs, it should go without saying, they are trivial in comparison to the real and reputational costs associated with an industrial disaster – which could be deadly and long-term catastrophic for our natural environment.

Entrepreneurial Approach

The Previan group’s go-to-market success relies on supporting and maintaining strong, independent business units, where each brand’s technical sales teams can focus on delivering value directly to the customer. Where particular market challenges and complexities exist, BUs may partner with distributors or local agents. Meanwhile, each business’ R&D and Applications teams work continuously with end-users to solve their most difficult challenges, by investing in building technical intimacy. This end-user focus drives brand recognition, product demand, customer loyalty, and constant innovation. Ultimately, the strength of all our businesses stems from our people. That’s why we seek to continuously recruit, retain and develop our global workforce – and, increasingly, to mobilize talent across the group.